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RESTORE MY QUILT works with you to get the end result you want from the quilt you treasure. I provide a finished product that is as close to the original as possible. You can provide the quilting fabric or I'd be happy to source it for you. If the original is beyond repair, I can replicate it for you. Contact me today and let me know your quilt restoration, repair or replication needs. We also have quilts for sale. Quilt restoration made easy.

Julia Fikse, Quilt Creator and Restoration artist

 After recieving my B.S. degree Design with a minor in Textiles at UCDavis, I went on to spend 20 years in the fashion industry designing and developing textile products for a wide variety of globally respected brands, (and even created one of my own in 2004, I have received quilting training from Nancy Kirk, Gwen Marston, Colleen Blackwood, Pam Clarke, Gina Perkes, and Jill Schumacher (aka the Quiltmaker to the Queen.) American quilting as an art form and expression of love is woven into my heritage. It is my passion and joy to restore textile treasures so they can continue to bless the lives of the owner.  Restore the love, restore your quilt.

Julia & Jill Schumacher

 Julia & Gwen Marston

Quilt Restoration

Julia's Affliations & Memberships

  • AQS (American Quilter's Society)
  • Quilters for Others of the SFV
  • SFV Quilters Association
  • Mayflower Society
  • IN PROGRESS: Currently training for AQS Quilt Appraisal Certificate


A LoveLINE of Quilters :

Mamaw, Mom (in pink), Grandma (in blue,) and me (with Grover)